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Polar Smart Coaching Features Guide 


More than any other fitness company Polar embraces and uses the heart rate and feedback from the heart to guide you to your best fitness level. With this feedback the heart rate monitors can offer you the best guidance to further develop your training and also provide you with tracking your progress.

The Smart Coaching features can assess your current fitness levels, create training plans, guide you to the correct training intensity, and more.

Discover the features best suited for your needs and make sure you purchase the fitness monitor with that feature. Use our guide to find the right heart rate monitor.


Click on the Category link below to see descriptions and videos of the smart coaching features.  Beside each feature below you will see the available Polar models for that feature.  Use our comparisons for further research on each model.

Polar RCX5 vs FT80

Polar FT60 vs FT80

Polar FT40 vs FT60

Polar FT4 vs FT7

Polar RS100 vs RS300X 

Polar RC3 vs RCX5

Polar RCX3 vs RCX5

Polar FT40 vs FT80


Heart Rate Guidance

EnergyPointer (FT7, FT40, Loop)

OwnZone (RS300X, FT60, FT80, RS100, CS500+, RS800CX, CS300, RS400, CS200cad, CS100)

ZoneOptimizer (RC3 GPS, RCX3, RCX5)


Training Programs

Endurance Programs (RC3 GPS, RCX3, RCX5)

STAR Training Program (FT60, FT80)




Fitness Test (RC3 GPS, RCX3, RCX5, RS300X, CS600X, RS800CX, FT40, FT60, FT80)

Running Index (RC3 GPS, RCX3, RCX5, RS800CX, RS400)



Smart Calories (RC3 GPS, RCX3, RCX5, FT4, FT7, RS300X, Loop, CS500+, CS600X)

Recovery Test (CS600X, RS800CX, RS400)

Relaxation Test (FT80)

Strength Training Guidance (FT80)

Training Benefit (RC3 GPS, RCX3)

Training Load (RC3 GPS, RCX3, RCX5, FT7, RS300X, FT40, RS800CX, CS500+, CS600X)